Contact Rheuben

Contact Rheuben
Here are all the ways to contact me about the “International Church of Music” and what we do here.

Mostly we are a teaching church to help advance music in the churches.

We teach young people how to play musical instruments and also provide many of the young people with instruments at no cost to them their parents or guardians.

We teach teachers & church members from other churches how to teach musical instruments so they can teach at their churches.  Through our “Music Partners Program” We also make lessons and music available to these churches by downloads.

We have Master Classes in our church featuring some of the world’s greatest musicians via the internet.

We offer the Ernie Fields Jr. Concert Venue (60 seat Concert Venue) for small groups to play and give concerts, for teachers to have recitals for their students at no cost.

We own “Praise the Lord Music” to help provide quality instruments at fair prices to anyone that wants to learn a musical instrument. Any and all the profits from PtLM goes to help young people get instruments.

None of the Board members including me takes any money from the church. We are all volunteers, so all the money goes to help keep the church running and help young people get instruments and lessons.

Your donations go to help deserving young people learn music. “The Power of positive Music can Change a Child’s Life” and you can be a part of it.

We have the ICoM Clarinet Quartet that goes to local churches and plays for the congregation and we give concerts here at the Ernie Fields Jr. Concert Venue including a Christmas Concert. to celebrate the birth of Christ.