Dan Higgins Tribute Concert

My friend Dan Higgins is the first one to write original music for the clarinet quartet.  He has composed many great quartets for us. His music is challenging, interesting and beautiful. I am positive you will like everything he has done for us. We have recorded several and they can be heard on YouTube just type in Hollywood Clarinet Quartet. Dan is still writing new things for us now that we are the ICoMusic Clarinet Quartet here in Muncie, Indiana, ast he quartet is now sponsored by the ICoMusic Foundation.

Dan has published many of the quartets and they can be found at:

Dan Higgins Music
To find out more about Dan go to www.danhiggins.net

About our original Hollywood Clarinet Quartets:

I started the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet in the early 80’s and it has been a lot of fun for me. The first quartet had me, Lee Callet, Don Markese, & Beverly Dahlke on Bass Clarinet.
The second generation of the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet had me again, Mike Vaccaro, David Stanton who passed away from cancer way too early and he was replaced by Joe Nazzaretta, Greg Huckins on Bass Clarinet. Our friend Geoff Nudell played any chair we need him to as our main sub, he saved the day several times.