About ICoMusic

About ICoMusic – The International Church of Music established by Rheuben Allen as a place to introduce positive music to young & older people.
We do welcome people of all ages to experience the joy of positive music on the human spirit.

We feature a small concert venue the “Frnie Fields Jr. Concert Venue” for introducing international positive music to audiences and provide a place where musicians can practice and preform any positive music without judgement. We offer the venue to teachers for their student recitals, as a place for youn musicians to give preformances at no cost to them. We offer Master Classes via live and internet, to introduce young people to musicians and artist they might not otherwise have a chance to see and be able to interact with these artist, small group music reading classes and much more at our venue. We seat at most 66 people so we are a small vemue.

*When we teach young people to play a musical instrument we must teach classical, jazz, pop, Rock and technical studies. So, we created our slogan:
“The Power of Positive Music can Change a Young Person’s life”

We also provide deserving underprivileged young people with musical instruments at no cost to them their parents and or guardians.

ICoMusic the International Church of Music, Inc. is a Non-Denominational church.
NON DISCRIMINATION POLICY: The International Church of Music does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, national or ethnic origins or age. Worship the God of your choice through music and make a positive difference in the lives of young people.

About ICoM