Advisory Board

The ICoMuisic Foundation Advisory Board is made up of Educators, Great Musicians, Manufacturers and Business people that have made themselves available to us when we have questions or things, we need advice about.
For example: I know very little about trumpets, trombones, strings, keyboards etc. and these unselfish people have offered their expertise to us when we need it.
If our staff does not know something we don’t have a problem asking someone that does for help.
These are people, we can trust and who again are willing to share and unselfish with their knowledge & expertise.

Jon Becker is our attorney and he is an excellent NonProfit attorney, and he knows a lot about music education needs
Partner | Church Church Hittle + Antrim    P: 317.776.5814  \

Ernie Fields (Music Business consulant & player) has had a very distingused career as a music contractor and musician; He is one of the Los Angeles most sought after contractors for such shows as American Idol.
We have the Ernie Fields Jr. Concert Studio in our building in Muncie. where youong musicians can give recitals or concerts at no charge to them. Ernie has been very helpful getting instruments to young people over the past 10 years.

Greg Huckins – Los Angeles Woodwind Player – Greg donated the YAMAHA Clavinova 745 piano to the foundation
Greg is a multi-talented woodwind player in the Los Angeles studios and live performer. He has played on movie scores for John Williams and many more, cartoon soundtracks and plays with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. He played bass clarinet in the Hollywood Clarinet Quartet.

Robert Hendricks (Relogious advisor)Los Angeles, Robert help with decisions about working with churches to get young people musical instruments and start programs on their churches.   He also has a program in his church in LA.

Everette Harp – Saxophone Player, song writer and great musician     Wikipedia
Everette is one of my personal favorite saxophone players

Amy Drum – Dance Advisor – Amy was a Ballet Dancer in New York City for many years. Now Amy is the Executive Director of the ICoMusic Foundation.  She works with very young children as a Physical Therapists in the Muncie, Indiana area. Learn more about Amuy on our Executive Board page.