Musical Instrument Donation Policy

Our 1st group of young people we donate are the young students that already play and have shown a love of playing an instrument but cannot afford to purchase or rent one of their own. These students are Foster Kids, and from low-income families etc.
*These instruments are donated directly to the student in their name and not the parent or guardian.

Our 2nd group we donate to are the Nonprofit Organizations that teach young people to play instruments.
*It is our policy to only donate 1 instrument to each organization in a 6-month period. This is because we do not want to compete with the local music stores as they are a very important part and necessity for the local schools.
*Exceptions can be made and will be decided on an individual basis by our Executive Director and Board of Directors.

*It is our desire to help any deserving young person play a musical instrument we can. We do however have a limited number of instruments available so we must make decisions as to where and who gets the instruments.
Our primary donation area is Muncie and the local area students.
Secondary donation area id the State of Indiana.
Third any other US State and then the world if possible.

We can always dream and try to do more.