About our Concert Studio

Our Concert Studio is the main room of the ICoMusic Foundation building a former church.

We still have the pews and can seat between 70 to 90 people comfortably. We have parking next to the building and 2 extra lots for additional parking.

What we offer students and young musicians at the Concert Studio is a great small concert hall they can use at no cost to them for recitals and concerts with their favorite group.

We provide, thanks to Greg Huckins, a YAMAHA Clavinova 745 Electric Piano for recital accompanying & to use with their groups.

Our stage is small and can hold a rhythm section, a soloist, a quartet on stage. We also have room at the front of the stage for slightly larger groups.

As part of our Nonprofit mission & desire to get young people interested in music and help with their education. Again, we offer this concert venue at no cost to them.

*If you have a group or want to play a recital just contact Rheuben at: icomusicfoundation@gmail.com or call (818) 985-9846 to set up an appointment to talk and get a time to use the venue.

I am very excited about the Concert Studio and having a place to hear students play and give them a chance to play in front of an audience. I strongly believe where we really improve our playing is when we play in front of people.
Rheuben Allen President/CEO ICoMusic Foundation