Instrument Sales Room

We have an instrument sales room where young people or anyone for that matter can purchase great new & pre-owned instruments and accessories at very reduced prices. Profits made in this sales room go to the ICoMusic Foundation to help provide Master Classes, instruments and concert venue to the young musicians in our area.

Rheuben Allen Saxophones, Chateau Flutes, Paris Master Model Clarinets, Rheuben Allen Plateau Clarinets, Rheuben Allen Clarinets in the keys of E-Flat, A, & C, Kenny G Saxophones, recorders, trumpets, trombones, and many great pre-owned instruments.

We have woodwind accessories like Meyer alto saxophone mouthpieces, Otto Link tenor saxophone mouthpieces, Rheuben Allen clarinet, alto, tenor, bass & alto clarinet mouthpieces.
Instrument stands, tuners, clarinet tuning rings, Kenny G Soprano, Alto & Tenor saxophone mouthpieces and much, much more.

Call to make an appointment to stop by and visit our Sales Room. We do it by appointment so you will be the only one trying an instrument and there will be no distractions and very personal service. (818) 985-9846