Recorder Classes

Recorder Classes: Learning to play the recorer is the best way to get young people interested in playing a wind instrument. It is a lot of fun and not a great expense. Recorders are dourable and plastic so if they get wet or dirty they can be cleaned. Win! Win! Instrument.

What is a recorder? The recorder is an original wind instrument that has stayed the same for a hundred plus years. Only the larger recorders have had keys put on them, basically it is a wind instrument with holes in it.
Early Recorders Modern Recorders No. 1Modern Recorders No. 2

Recorders are made form wood and some different forms of plastic. The modern plastic recorders are generally very good. Many professional and solo recorder player prefer the wood but many also have plastic recorders they carry with them in case the weather changes and the wood ones become difficult to play.

Recorders are made in different keys and the bass recorder is often written in the Bass Clef.

We will post the days and times of he Recorder classes on our monthly claendar page.