Don’t Drink and Drive

Don’t Drink and Drive, you’ve heard this a million times and it is never enough. If you want to drink then stay inside and relax. I thought people drank so they could relax. Who really knows.

It’s not that we want to judge others, it’s not that we think we are better because we don’t drink.
It is simple, when you drink and drive you put yourself and others are risk.

You don’t walk down the street with a gun on your hand! Driving under the influence can end up with the same results. An out of control vehicle is just as bad as a loaded gun. We hear about all the bad shootings going on now days. But 10,000 plus people are killed a year by Alcohol related traffic accidents…… a year. Many more than the shootings but we have gotten accustomed to it so it doesn’t seem to bother us anymore.

We must think of the consequences of everything we do

God Bless and think of the consequences