Moto Perpetuo

Gustavo Dudamel Conducting YOLA Students

Moto Perpetuo (Pepetual Motion) by Niccolo Paganini is one of the most changelling pieces of music for any musician. There musicians are great. Enjoy! Itzhak Perlman Yehudi Menuhin Augustin Hedelich Raphael Mendez Sergei Nakariakov Wynton Marsalis BBC Proms 2010 Sopranino recorder Miguel Perkins I couldn’t find a … Read more

About Rheuben Chats

Rheuben Chats is simply an informal conversation between Rheuben and guest mostly about music education, featuring prominent musicians, music educators & students. We will from time to time feature young musician host to chat with other young students and guest. Our goal is to present information to students and people interested in music with helpful … Read more

Why I play the clarinet by Rheuben Allen

Improving Playing Clarinet

Why I play the clarinet by Rheuben Allen I started playing the clarinet in grade school but really wanted to play the saxophone. The band director talked my dad into having me play the clarinet. The reason he gave my dad was it would be too big and heavy for me to carry it. Now, … Read more

April 8th Forum

Saturday Forums

We would like to invite you to our 1st Saturday Music Forum on April 8th. The forum is open to the public and we invite anyone that loves music and wants to see young people get a chance to play music to attend. Pring a friend or two and ideas you might have. Check our … Read more

Do not Judge

Do not judge

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged”. We are all judged by others all day long seven days a week, it is a fact of life. It is very hard not to judge others by what we believe and how we think others should live. We should not judge others as long as … Read more

The Recorder

Learn About Musical Insruments

The Recorder The recorder is a family of woodwind musical instrument  in the group known as internal duct flutes: flutes with a whistle  mouthpiece, also known as fipple  flutes. A recorder can be distinguished from other duct flutes by the presence of a thumb-hole for the upper hand and seven finger-holes: three for the upper hand and four for … Read more

Oehler System Clarinet

Learn About Musical Insruments

Learn about musical instruments. Oehler System Clarinet The Oehler system (also spelled Öhler) is a system for clarinet keys developed by Oskar Oehler. Based on the Muller System (Ivan Muller)  clarinet, the system adds tone holes to correct intonation and acoustic deficiencies, notably of the alternately-fingered notes B♭ and F. The system has more keys than the Boehm system, up … Read more

Don’t Drink and Drive

Don't Drink & Drive

Don’t Drink and Drive, you’ve heard this a million times and it is never enough. If you want to drink then stay inside and relax. I thought people drank so they could relax. Who really knows. It’s not that we want to judge others, it’s not that we think we are better because we don’t … Read more