God Country and Flute

O Love God My Country and My Flute

You can Love God, Your Country and Music.  Music is not a sin! Reverend Allen

Listening again

The best way to learn is to Listen

Listening is very important in music. But it is also very important in life. Listen to your friends and see what they are doing and how they are doing. Listen to your parents and see what is going on in their lives and whay the might be a little salty? Listening is the most important … Read more

Why do we practice?

Technique Why we practice

Why do we practice? It is simple to learn what our instrument and we can do. Develop our own sound, develop technique, improve our time, in general become the best player we can.

Personal Note for our CEO

Rheuben Talks and 1 person listens

I have been asked why I started the ICoMusic Foundation? I will try to answer that question briefly. I am not just a musical instrument maker that wants to help young people play an instrument. I’m a living example of how playing a musical instrument can change a young person’s life. When I was young, … Read more

Loud Music

Loud Music is for amateurs

Loud Music is a way of covering up how badly musicians really play. Also, to show off! As my great fried David Stanon said “True musicians play music for the sake of the music and to make the music sound good, amateurs play to hear themselves”.

Nothing in music equals a willingness to listen

Rheuben Talks and 1 person listens

Nothing equals a willingness to listen is extremely true and very important in music. I believe 99% of the drummers in groups never hear anything to soloist is playing. How can they work with them? Now that the bass players including upright players all bring amps, they tend to pay too loud. I can’t tell … Read more

Power of Positive Music

The Power of positive music can change a youjg persons life

The power of positive music can change a young person’s life for the better and for the rest of their lives. It helps develop working with others, improving self-esteem, following instructions, and developing friendships.

Cannonball Aderely 106


There’s no future without the past and anybody who doesn’t really understand where jazz has come from has no right to try to direct where it’s going. ******Cannonball Aderely 106** Biography Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley  TAMPA, Florida,09/15/1928//GARY,Indiana 08/08/1975 After his music studies in Tallahassee(1944/48) he became a high school band director at the Dillard High … Read more

Music and the Brain 106

Music and the Brain Banner

The psychology of music has been recognized and studied since ancient times, with Plato theorizing that different styles of music stirred different emotions in listeners. Pull up your favorite song or the soundtrack from a horror movie, and you’ll see that he was right. It’s easy to understand that music has a profound effect on us, but … Read more